Let Auburn begin anew

Reader Input
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After enduring an 18-month, epic battle that ended in the defeat of the tragically flawed ballot initiative, Measure A, I think it is clear that this community has learned some very difficult lessons. And, it has discovered it has much for which it can be thankful. First and foremost, Auburn owes a debt of gratitude to many former mayors and leaders of this community ? most of whom retired from public debate years ago ? for their courage to speak out and take action. I?m especially proud of my neighbor and friend in Old Town, Hank Gonzales, for coming off the bench at 81 and working tirelessly to defend our form of local government. He refused to sit by idly even when confronted by the combined forces of the local power structure, city council, business organizations, a voter organization and this newspaper. We can be immensely thankful for the good sense and judgment of the residents of this community who overwhelmingly and categorically rejected the charter. Voters made up their own minds, independent of all of the special interests involved, from the Auburn Chamber of Commerce to Sacramento-based unions. At its core, Measure A failed on many counts, but none is more demeaning than the unwillingness of the city council to listen to its constituents. Instead, it careened along a resolute course that served to divide the community, squander friendships and waste fabulous amounts of resources and time. As both a homeowner and business owner in Auburn, nothing would be more satisfying to me than for everyone to put all of this behind us and begin anew; to recognize the joys of this community and work together without prejudice or repercussion. I genuinely believe that is possible. Gary Moffat, Auburn