Let charter chart future

Reader Input
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Currently, about one-half of the state’s population that live in cities dwell in charter cities. San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco to Sacramento: These are all charter cities, and there are about 120 of them — go ahead and Google it. Why aren’t the folks living in these areas wanting to disband their charters? Then again, if Auburn was already a charter city, would anyone vote to disband it today? Reasons for embracing charter status come in three critical areas. (1) Local government, not state government, has the best potential to be responsive to local conditions and concerns. (2) Special interests have too large a role in Sacramento; small communities are far down on the power pole. (3) Most folks recognize that state government is a mess. Of course, there are insinuations that Auburn under a charter would be allowing free rein for corruption and the Bogeyman. Judging from the groundswell of opinions expressed on Measure A, we have good community involvement and that in itself is the keystone of assurances that we will have good government, regardless of form. We should chart the future of Auburn confident of our local abilities, not fearful of the Bogeyman. Yes on A! Jim Bennett, Auburn