Let children be students

Reader Input
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In response to Ellen Stephens’ letter (Reader Input, Nov. 24) to what I assume to be the parents, teachers and students at our local Auburn schools, with all due respect, are you kidding me? Dedicated parents, teachers, staff and students have put in countless hours fundraising for our schools. There are not enough hours in the day to effectively raise the necessary funds to make up for the millions cut from our budget annually. When Alta Vista School was open, the Parent Teacher Club raised upwards of $40,000! We sold, we baked, served countless plates of spaghetti, put on carnivals and our children were forced to be salespersons instead of what they should be: children and learners. We funded teachers’ aides, computer labs, life labs and art programs, to name a few. Let teachers be teachers, parents be parents and our children be students without the added stress and worry of the next fundraiser, because believe me, after 11 years of being a parent in the public schools, there is always another fundraiser! When it comes to our children and our schools, let’s save the ingenuity for the classroom and toward being better, supportive parents at home! Julann Brown, Auburn