Let citizens determine own destiny

Reader Input
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I strongly believe that Auburn’s brightest and most promising future lies in becoming a charter city, as provided for in the California state constitution. The proposed charter that our City Council members are considering is well-crafted and includes clear safeguards against possible abuses by future elected officials and staff. (Read it at Becoming a Charter City also permanently guarantees that Auburn’s strong and avid volunteer base can continue to serve, unimpeded by state-imposed wage law. Many arguments against this change will be raised, among them, “Look what happened in Bell. We are setting ourselves up for the same kind of debacle here.” While it is true that Bell is a charter cty, that’s not causative in the fiscal malfeasance there. What happened in Bell was the result of crooks, greed and a sleeping populace. Crooks and greed cannot thrive when the citizenry is awake and the charter is clear, responsible, and drafted with the community’s best interest in mind. Self-determination is always better than other-determination. The state legislature is slowing determining Auburn, and other communities like it, into oblivion. That can all change if the council puts the charter city item on the ballot next June, and we, the people, are willing to join in determining our own destiny by passing it. “Home Rule” rules. Wayne Manning, Auburn