Let Constitution define marriage

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I write on behalf of the disappearance of morality in our society and our once magnificent civil governments. Among many other things the gay community, in their efforts to gain acceptance of same-sex marriage, has used in their propaganda that they, as law-abiding citizens of the democracy, are denied their rights and freedom to enjoy marriage the same as male-female citizens. Our country, our Constitution, is not based on the principles of democracy. After much study and debate over the issues of freedom, theology, success/failures of former governments and civilizations, our forefathers drafted our Constitution and established our government as a Christian republic, under God. The framers of our republic adopted the symbol of civil and religious liberty as the great idea and the end object of all their civil institutions. They held to the faith that civil government was an ordination of God, and that its administration ought to harmonize with the law and will of God, as revealed in the Bible. A study of the Bible, discloses God’s admonition regarding homosexuality: “an abomination,” “detestable,” “perversion” (Corinthians 9:15; Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:18-32). Even though attorneys for the gay community project their clients as domestically unassuming, why do we even consider legalizing what is to God an abomination? DON HULSE, Auburn