Let enforcers be the example

Reader Input
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We as a nation are in times of crisis on several levels. This is obviously not a good thing. We are asked to act locally for a statewide or national result. Let’s start with our Auburn City Transit not using headlights on rainy days. There is also the issue of using cell phones while driving, and the use of seat belts. Our Placer County Sheriffs Department should also follow these simple traffic codes, since they are the ones to enforce them. Our deputies should also not make illegal left turns where indicated, and use headlights, etc. If we are to follow the letter of the law, then these folks working so diligently to show us how, or enforce the rule, should at least be examples. If it requires the residents of this county to “follow up” on our own law enforcement and public employees, then hasn’t our local government failed at the simplest level? Regardless of who we feel our local heroes are, we need to check how they act on a daily basis just to justify their pay. Can I still mention the Sheriff’s helicopter? The local news showed the CHP doing recovery work, not our local sheriff’s helicopter. Jason James Teague, Auburn