Let experts regulate wildlife

Reader Input
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Regarding your article “No hunt in park,” of Monday, Feb. 1, we have yet another example of untrained people trying to hijack the job of the California Dept. of Fish and Game. Last year people were up in arms due to a proposed deer hunt southwest of Auburn and I believe it was in the ’80s that the people somehow outlawed the hunting of mountain lions in our state. In this state, as well as all of the other 49 in our union, we have agencies of paid, trained wildlife biologists, experts whose job it is to maintain healthy populations of fish and wildlife. Just because you may oppose hunting is not a credible reason to outlaw the practice. Let’s let our Dept. of Fish and Game do the job they are paid to do and decide what’s in the best interest of our wildlife and co-existing with our critters. And if you think hunting is cruel and inhumane, then you need to take a close, hard look at Mother Nature. This county and the rest of Northern California would be better off if the liberals would move back to San Francisco and Los Angeles and stop trying to change rural California. If you don’t want legal hunting in your “backyard,” then move back to the city, please. ALAN BOHNET, Auburn