Let government ‘tie the tubes’ of men

Reader Input
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Wow! So much news coverage, letters and articles about women’s rights for contraception. I have an idea for women to not get pregnant. The government can pay to “tie the tubes” for every male starting at the age when they can get a woman pregnant. When a couple get married and want a baby, they can pay for a permit to have the surgery reversed. After the wife is pregnant, then his “tubes” are tied again until they are ready for their next child. So all men with their “tubes” tied won’t get any woman pregnant. Then women won’t have to worry about contraceptives and unwanted pregnancies. Women should still have the use of “other protection” to not get any male diseases. But wait! Would the government want to get involved with this type of control for males? How would the politicians vote? I wonder … Sally Palmer Dawley, Auburn