Let Judge Gaddis continue to serve with distinction

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One of the lesser-known duties of being a judge is the formal role a judge plays in finalizing adoptions for families in our community. When it came time to finalize the adoption of our son eight years ago, it was an important and special day for us. We were fortunate to have that process handled by Placer County Superior Court Judge Larry Gaddis. It was the first time we had met Judge Gaddis, but he went out of his way to accommodate our family as we marked this important day that was far more than a judicial formality for us. As we have interacted with other local families created through adoption, so many of them also had their adoptions finalized by Judge Gaddis — and everyone remarks about his handling of them, from the formal parts to the photos and videos that are an important part of each child’s personal story. Judge Gaddis has earned distinction as a judge for many years and is well-known for being a fair and responsible judge on high-profile trials. Behind-the-scenes, out of the limelight, he has served with distinction as well. On June 8, Judge Gaddis is up for re-election. We will be voting for him because he’s exactly the kind of judge we need in Placer County. Bill and Susan Halldin, Rocklin