Let legislators feel what the peons feel

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I think both Peggy Christensen (Let’s take our state back) and David McKenzie (Send legislators packing) have the best ideas where solutions for the state and the country are concerned. I think both on the state and the federal level, legislators should not have their own special health care and retirement plan. They should be on the same plan that everyone in the country is on. Then perhaps we would see some honest changes that would be positive. They keep themselves above everyone in their ivory towers and dictate to the “peons” who voted for them. It is time to vote them out and make changes. I am for term limits; no more retirement or special health care benefits, and other perks. Our forefathers did not expect people to make careers of politics but to donate their time as citizens for the sake of the country. It is time to revolt. Even the media won’t mention all the tea parties that have been going on. We the people are being ignored. It is time to change that and show our power in the power of the vote. ANN LAMAN, Auburn