Let motorists exercise caution

Reader Input
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Re: “Bicycle confrontations frighten,” (Reader Input, Sept. 23). Again, we see motorists’ arrogance. “We are subject to their lack of regard for safety.” I travel Baxter Grade to Home Depot a lot and have never experienced such a description. Slowing down, allowing time to recover their peloton works for both of us. They usually wave and smile when I eventually pass. When living in a rural area one must take personal responsibility for others. Getting angry and complaining when others don’t immediately comply is not solution-oriented. Perhaps motorists’ lifestyle thinking would be beneficial. Slow down, look around and appreciate life. Baxter and Gold Hill roads were probably paved for Model T’s: 18-feet-wide at best from white stripe to white stripe. How much is left for safety when speeding, 6-to-8-foot vehicles and trailer pass? Auburn Ravine Bridge is 20 feet wide. With space for vehicles to pass, that leaves 16 to 24 inches to walk alongside 30- to-50 mph vehicles. How about rear-view mirrors? Being pushed off into the dirt and weeds on my walks is no fun. I pay taxes. Don’t the rest of us have a right to safety from irresponsible drivers? There used to be a “Golden Rule.” Pedestrians and cyclists have a heck of a lot more to lose than motorists in large high-speed steel cocoons. I don’t like speed bumps but I like being hit by an irresponsible driver even less! Ron Rothe, Newcastle