Let Ol’ Blue Eyes show teens the way

Reader Input
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How dare the Placer High School administration implement a new contract that takes away the students’ right to express themselves by freak dancing, grinding, touching of private parts or simulating sexual activity (Journal, April 12). How dare they require students to dance face-to-face. The next thing you know, they’ll ask students to look each other in the eye and speak to each other rather than texting. Here’s a solution to the problem. Turn on the lights at the good ol’ Earl Crabbe Gym during the dances. If that doesn’t work, invite the mothers and grandmothers of the students to fill the stands as spectators. Just imagine freak-dancing and grinding in front of mom and grandma. And, since the students are quoted as saying “the modern song lyrics give dirty dancing instructions and the (the students) don’t know any other way to dance,” have the DJ play Karen Carpenter, The Captain and Tennille, Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra music. Whatever happened to ballroom dancing and swing? NAOMI EGENSCHWEILER, Auburn