Let Roseville be a 'shoppers" paradise"

Reader Input
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It is not up to me to change any of your minds, but shame on me if I didn?t try. I am an Auburn native, born and raised, and completely love this town. I am very familiar with the box stores since I work for one. I have been making the ?long? 20-mile drive to the Roseville Costco for almost 10 years and have no problem doing so. I can?t express to you how nice it is driving home to Auburn each day away from the chaos of Roseville, and you want to bring all of this to Auburn? Why? Just to save a few bucks? I am confused as to why you live in Auburn, when you have a shoppers paradise just 20 miles away. If you cannot accept and appreciate our small town just as it is, why not consider moving to Roseville, where it is cheaper to live. Think of all the money you could be saving then. P.S.: Shop local! Gwen Baxman, Auburn