Let us defend ourselves

Reader Input
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Re: “Gunfire outside Stockton burger stand kills one,” (Journal, Oct. 11). The shooting that happened in Stockton at a burger stand was ironic. If people could have guns in public this wouldn’t have been as likely to turn out in one death and one injury. In the Auburn Journal it said that a law was passed so people can’t have guns in public. If this weren’t so, the three men who killed the man at the stand could have been stopped. If the stand owner had a gun in the booth he might have been able to shoot the killers. The man who was injured in the shooting probably wants the police to find the men who injured him, so he can sue and get them put in jail. Police, luckily, have information that the shooting was probably caused by gang members. I think it is sad that a man was killed, because he was only 22 years old and he didn’t get to live most of his life. Also, the man who was injured could get lead poisoning and die. People should be allowed to carry guns with them in public for self-defense, because it would help save lives. It worked in the Old West, so why not now? COLE SWEENEY, student, Auburn