Letter a ‘mish-mash’

Reader Input
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The letter written by Dee Nann and published by the Journal on Sept. 18 is a mishmash of nonsense, fantasy, vitriol and disrespect. She begins by calling our president a jackass. Whether one likes him or not, he deserves better. She goes on to claim that he wants us to be the U.N. rather than the U.S.A. This accusation is total unsupported nonsense. She then demands that George Bush not be blamed for “9/11.” Nobody is blaming George Bush for “9/11.” She is arguing with a straw man. She continues with a confused argument about college tuition. The president is not in a position to give free tuition to anyone. She then turns her vitriol on Mrs. Obama who she disrespectfully refers to as the “so -called first lady” and goes on to say she should be told to shut her mouth. Mrs. Obama is the first lady whether Dee Nann likes it or not. Mrs. Obama’s efforts to convince Americans to eat a healthy diet are at worst harmless. Such efforts do not merit disrespect and contempt. Actually, most rational people probably applaud such efforts. The Journal’s decision to publish this half-baked diatribe is puzzling. It adds nothing to public discourse and only serves to emphasize the deep divisions within our country. MIKE HANSON, Auburn