Letter misses the mark

Reader Input
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I haven’t written to the Journal in years, but could not let this go unanswered.
The more things change…the more they stay the same.
In reading the Auburn Journal this past Sunday (Aug. 19) I came across the Reader Input section regarding the “Chick-fil-A controversy reminds of past” written by Mr. Larry Smith.
I was amazed at the comparison he made of the (Chick-fil-A) CEO Mr. Dan Cathy with Lester Maddux of Georgia. Once again — a shot is fired that completely misses the mark. The people who supported Mr. Cathy were supporting his right to free speech. This is a right that all Americans should be able to enjoy, not just those who lean to the left.
It seems that the “entire class of people” has had plenty of air time, publicity and has been able to express themselves openly, but that same right was not given Mr. Cathy without it becoming a “controversy.”
Why is that? He doesn’t discriminate against anyone in that “class” — in fact his restaurants welcome them by giving them employment, benefits and serving them as patrons. So where is the controversy — doesn’t he have the right to say what he wants just as you took that opportunity via the Auburn Journal?
As far as the supporters — we voted with our wallets — for free speech, that’s why I went to the Roseville shop — that’s why the majority of people were there. Free speech was the issue, not discrimination or even “white Christian values.” My hope in 50 years hence is that we still have the right to free speech, but more importantly that it applies to everyone.