Letter steeped in bigotry, ignorance, fear

Reader Input
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Re: “Real lowdown on Obama,” (Bob Velon, Reader Input, Dec. 2): I can only hope that Bob and everyone else who subscribes to his psychotic/conspiracy theorist rants on (Barack) Obama can take their tin foil hats off, and be functioning members of society. Throughout his letter, Bob simply conjures up lies that would even make the big wigs at Fox cringe. He continues to assert that Obama is not a citizen, even after the president has continually shown proof of his birth. I assume if Barack Hussein Obama were actually a John Henry Smith, Bob wouldn’t be questioning his citizenship so much. Also, Bob seems to think Obama only allowed General Motors to sell cars through Democratic car dealerships. I researched this matter only to find it debunked by, a non-partisan fact checker. It was a fluke story through the Washington Examiner in 2009. For those who don’t know, the Washington Examiner is a tabloid, much like the National Enquirer. It seems that Bob and those like him have no basis for their arguments other than bigotry, ignorance and fear. This type of senseless demonization of public figures is part of the reason for our damaged political climate. I recommend to Bob and those who agree with him to please do some research and formulate a valid argument next time. Griffin Quick, Auburn