Letter writer a ‘Green Left’ captive

Reader Input
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Howard Williams still seems a captive of the Green Left’s talking points on HR 1837 as evidenced by his letter of Aug. 8 (“Stay aware of HR 1837,” Reader Input).
HR 1837 is the bill that restores the bi-partisan Bay Delta Accord. It stops the diversion of hundreds of billions of gallons of water that had turned California’s Central Valley into a dustbowl, devastated a quarter-million acres of fertile farmland, threw thousands of farm families into unemployment and drove up grocery prices for us all.
Before it passed, Congressman (Tom) McClintock intervened as chairman of the House Water and Power Sub-Committee to assure that it added protections of our water rights in Northern California.
He worked closely with our local Placer County Water Agency and because of his work, HR 1837 passed with the strong support of the Northern California Water Association, representing all of us as consumers.
Despite adding significant protections for salmon such as encouraging more salmon hatcheries and reducing the invasive non-native predators in the Delta that are decimating our salmon populations, Mr. Williams and the radical greenies are miffed because, they claim, it upends the San Joaquin River Settlement Agreement in Central California.
You bet it does. That agreement mandates a year-round cold-water salmon fishery on the hot Central Valley floor – something that never existed in nature. It can only be accomplished by spilling huge volumes of water from our dams that is then lost to the Pacific Ocean.
Mr. Williams insists that he “understands these effects of the bill quite well.” That’s scary.
Jon Huey, Rocklin