Letter writer insulted by comment about wife

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OK, I’ve got a message about the Proposition 8 fuss. I’m a retired Navy pilot with 27 years of service, and really folks, we are facing things we should be more concerned about. The matters I’m citing are all from the Auburn Journal letters to the editor, and I paraphrase; “A segment of our population was denied civil rights and discriminated against. The message is: all are not welcome, etc, etc.” A letter of 7 December critical of Joann Geist’s letter of 23 November used words like “Ms. Geist, did you forget who commits the most hideous of all crimes towards other men, women and children? You must be unnaturally attracted to one of their species.” Joann and I have been married (each to the other) for 30 years. And my response to the above writer is : SIR, I AM OFFENDED ! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL; THE WEAPONS — wet noodles. Alvin Elton Geist Cdr. USN. Retired Colfax