Letter writer sadly in denial

Reader Input
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Responding to Corrin Kraus’s letter to the editor (“US president earned vitriol,” Reader Input, July 17), I am amazed.
He/she (I don’t know this person’s gender) states that our current administration has inspired “class, gender and racial warfare.”
He/she cites as an example a trumped-up war on women. Hello? When states try to put egregious conditions on abortions (which have been consistently overturned in the courts and which try to circumvent Roe v. Wade, the law of the land, when the United States Congress (read, Republicans) concocts a budget that de-funds Planned Parenthood (often the only recourse for poor women and their children), when a forum that includes a preacher who broadcasts his belief that women are the problem with our society (with Congressman Tom McClintock on the same program not saying anything to refute this), you, Corrin Kraus, can actually believe that the current administration created this? There is a real war on women at this time and shame on you for your denial.
As to class and racial warfare? Have you heard of the Occupy movement, the phrase “We are the 99 percent”? Yes, indeed, there’s a class divide and it’s getting wider by the minute and it wasn’t created by Barack Obama.
Oh, that’s right. Our president’s an African-American. I would suggest that the racism is in the minds of those that cannot accept the fact that our elected president is the embodiment of our Democracy at work.
Mr. or Ms. Kraus, you neglected to cite any examples to support your accusations. Until you can and do, it might be a good idea to keep your opinions to yourself. Oh wait, now I’m sounding just like him/her. Oh, well.
Patricia Burke, Newcastle