Letter writer wants to be voice for the unheard

By: Stephanie Breitbart, Auburn Journal
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Writer, philosopher and humanitarian are all words one could use to describe Auburn resident, Allen Cassidy. Cassidy has been writing letters to the editor to the Journal for the past 14 years. His passion is helping those in need and being the voice of the unheard. “I have passion for the whole world,” Cassidy said. “It really breaks my heart when I see what’s going on, people suffering and no one helping them.” After graduating from Placer High School in 1973, Cassidy enlisted in the Air Force and spent the next six years of active duty in different locations around the world. Upon his return, he went back to school and earned bachelors and master’s degrees in theology. Cassidy said he uses both his education and life experiences daily in hopes of making the world a better place. “My message to Auburn and the world is to reach out to one another and do something,” Cassidy said. “We need to take the focus off ourselves.” Despite growing up in poverty in San Francisco, Cassidy said he was always raised to think about others and not about himself. “When you help others, you feel good from within,” Cassidy said. “You feel you’ve accomplished something in your life.” The former military policeman reads the newspaper every day and can always find a topic to talk about. He writes letters regarding local issues to the Auburn Journal almost daily and also writes to Gov. Schwarzenegger and President Obama at least twice a month. “My goal is not right or left, it’s truth,” Cassidy said. “I’m all about the truth as I see it.” Letters are not the only writing Cassidy does. He has also written hundreds of pages of philosophy on all topics and in the past year has written Renaissance writings he hopes will get published. He’s been to many countries, and has had his letters published in newspapers across the world. When he’s not working full time in public relations for Auburn Lake Trails in Cool, or writing in his one-bedroom studio in Auburn with no TV or computer to discract him, Cassidy can be found at High Street Café or walking around town getting to know people. Cassidy said he is willing to help anyone out, especially the homeless. “I know the struggles of the poor because I was poor myself,” he said. His goal is to help people and improve society. “I have taken coats off my back and given them to the homeless,” Cassidy said. “I also invite them to breakfast at the café. I’ll never stop helping them, that’s my job.” As the policy of the Auburn Journal is to print one letter every 30 days, Cassidy’s daily blog now can be found on, the community section of the Auburn Journal Web site. Cassidy hopes his letters will encourage others to express themselves and he hopes that they will write letters to make a difference, too. “With the time I have left in this world, I want to help people,” Cassidy said. “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”