Letters to the Editor, Wednesday, January 14, 2004

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Soldier?s story brings the war closer to home This letter is in memory of Jesse Mizener, featured in the Jan. 9 edition of the Journal. Prior to the article, the effects of the war hadn?t quite clicked. I live in Lake Wildwood, a bit north of Auburn. While in Auburn today, I passed a newspaper bin. The cover?s article struck home, quite hard actually. I am only 23, and so was Jesse. As soon as I came home, I read the article online. Now that somebody is gone who lives very near, I realize the word ?war? means something. It isn?t ?out of sight, out of mind? anymore. Beyond the tears of sadness and thought of his absence, consider what this young man has done for us all. He went down a hero, fighting for what he thought was right. He was out there protecting us, Jesse is truly remarkable. This community may be small, but our kindness and support is never ending. Nicole: We all have goals in life, do not stop until you achieve yours. Your children depend on you, stay strong for them. Know that you are in all of our thoughts and prayers. Frankie Montanez III Penn Valley Raising taxes has been tried by both sides of Congress Mr. Rawlings? plan to raise taxes, Journal, Jan. 13, is the same tired old plan the legislators, Democrat and Republican, rely on from fiscal disaster to fiscal disaster. There are numerous people in California unable to pay triple car taxes, numerous people on fixed income that live under Proposition 13. As time goes by, so will 13. History has proven that raising taxes does not solve problems, it just gives legislators an excuse to spend. A cut in spending and fiscal responsibility is the true answer. I love hearing about raising taxes on the rich. In my working life I never got a job from a poor person, I did from the rich. Mike Michaelsen Auburn Illegal immigrants work hard, but not in California As a Republican wannabe, I salute our president for his announced ?bracero? program. If migratory birds are good, so must be migratory workers. His announced legalization of these folks is commendable. Unfortunately, I can foresee our farmers picking up their dirt and moving out of state, since Gov. Arnold won?t let the new braceros have drivers? licenses to get to work. Dick Brooks Auburn Bush has done nothing in four years; find new leader What have Americans learned about George W. Bush in three years? Certainly not power to the people. Since day one in office, Bush has lied, misled and deceived a sleepy nation. George W. has exploited the system, the 9/11 tragedy and corporate greed. Howard Dean, John Kerry, John Edwards or Wesley Clark can, any one of them, beat Bush in 2004 if Democrats, liberals, progressives and the environmentally concerned get off their butts and vote their conscience and conviction. You?re living on Planet X if you think things will be better after another four years of George W. Bush. Ron Lowe Nevada City Snowy disaster remedied by caring Auburn business On a recent ski trip to Lake Tahoe I had the unfortunate luck to have a piece of ice shatter the windshield of my van. So on New Year?s Day and the day after, I frantically tried numerous auto glass establishments in search of a replacement windshield. I had no luck. You may recall the weather that day?it was blizzard-like conditions. I was very apprehensive about the weather as I was traveling with my wife and three kids in the van. I could not see out of the windshield, which made driving extremely hazardous. I was desperate. Then I found Auto Express Glass out of Auburn. Annette answered the phone very politely and professionally. She recognized my serious situation and said she would try to help me. She located a replacement windshield, and the owner, Alan Eggers, personally drove it to Truckee through a major snow storm. A normal one-hour trip took over four hours! I was directed to their new shop location in Truckee where the technician, Craig, did a very professional job at installing the new piece of glass. I was totally blown away at the professionalism and caring attitude they took in helping my family out. I would like to publicly thank Alan Eggers and his team at Auto Glass Express for helping us out. This is a true testament to the character and integrity of his firm and to the folks up there in Auburn. In this day and age, it is truly refreshing to see the American attitude of neighbors alive and well. Richard Abazia Santa Rosa