License to loot

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Folks, the ability to create money out of thin air is a license to loot. The founders knew the fatal flaw of paper money when they declared gold and silver to be the only lawful money. They remembered the lessons of the past, but we have forgotten them. Our money is literally created out of thin air and loaned, yes, loaned into circulation. The Federal Reserve Bank loans this "air money" to the banks who then re-loan it to the public. Interest is collected at both levels. The total interest expense must be staggering, but cannot be calculated because the Federal Reserve refuses to admit how much money is in circulation. But all that interest shelled out by the public in order to have a medium of exchange is paid on "nothing.” It's a totally corrupt system based on the "European way of banking" foisted on us in 1913, which led eventually to a departure from the gold standard. Bottom line, funny money is the root of all economic corruption, and kudos by the way to Dominic Odorizzo whose recent letter recommended supporting Congressman Ron Paul's "Federal Reserve Transparency Act" HR (1201) and S (604) to audit the Federal Reserve. It has never been audited, is veiled in secrecy, and incidentally, is a private corporation. Wake up America! This cancer has to go! FRED COLBURN, Meadow Vista