Life is fleeting; please take it slow

Reader Input
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This morning (April 19) as I was just beginning my busy Monday routine, taking two of my children to daycare and junior high, and then hustling to get myself to work in Rocklin, I unfortunately had to make my way past a horrific motor vehicle accident on Foresthill Road, near McKeon Ponderosa Way. It was a head-on collision, and at least two people who had begun their own busy Monday morning routines had their lives changed forever in the blink of an eye (Journal, April 20). My two boys, ages 4 and 13, were eyewitnesses to the scene of devastation, and they were both very upset as they saw a figure that had been a passenger lying on their back in the middle of the road, with paramedics working to get an open airway. There was a school bus that was a few cars ahead of me that also had to pass within feet of where the crumpled and obliterated vehicles rested on the road. I felt sad for the kids on the bus, who didn’t have a parent sitting next to them, to give a hug and a little reassurance that the firefighters and paramedics were doing all they could to help. When I reached my son’s daycare a block away, I needed a hug myself because of what I had seen. It’s all so fleeting, this life most of us take for granted. We speed along the road because we are in such a self-important hurry. We talk, text and fiddle with our iPods, GPS units, coffee cups, etc., instead of focusing on what we are doing, oblivious that in an instant it could all be over. For the sake of yourself, your family, and for the people who have to answer the call for help and pick up the pieces, please take it slow out there, watch the road, be safe. Jenny Johnson, Foresthill