Limbaugh’s a pervert

Reader Input
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Re: “Knight Obama to the rescue,” Reader Input, March 16: So, Mr. (Robert) Carrell, I would laugh at your letter if it wasn’t so pathetic. I think it was very nice of President Obama to congratulate the young woman for standing up for what she believes in spite of a really ugly tirade from Mr. OxyContin, Rush Limbaugh. I am sure her parents are very proud of her, as well. You are correct; Mr. Limbaugh does have the right to his opinion. And I, for one, thank him for his hateful, ridiculous comments, because he has opened the eyes of millions of women who are under attack in our country. He says if taxpayers pay for her birth control pills, they should get something in return, like a video of her having sex. I always knew Limbaugh was out there in the ozone, but now the whole nation knows he is a pervert, as well. If health insurance companies are going to cover Viagra for men, then they should cover birth control for women. After all, what’s fair is fair. I and hundreds of thousands of my sisters nationwide will not support any business that supports Mr. Limbaugh. And that, sir, is our right! Elinor Petuskey, Newcastle