Limbaugh a sorry spokesman

Reader Input
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Rush Limbaugh, as a radio commentator, does a fantastic job of distorting the reality of what is happening in society. Limbaugh’s words and actions betray a malignant philosophy. The viciousness of his anti-liberal and “attack politics” shows the darkness of his character. What I can’t understand is why educated, informed, responsible and wealthy people support an obvious demagogue? Can Limbaugh’s daily and deliberate distortion of facts, ridicule and name-calling be good for the nation? Republicans have put him up on a pedestal so high that none in the party now dare challenge him. This says more about themselves and their values than any spin they may put out. What a sad state of affairs when the “talking head” of your party is Limbaugh. The arrogance of this man mirrors the image of the Republican Party. Ron Lowe, Nevada City