Limit what taxes pay for

Reader Input
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Being taxed by a government that throws our money to whomever it sees fit should not be tolerated. Tax revenues should be used only to create and maintain infrastructure, furnish public services, protect United States citizens and our country. Assisting people with rent, giving financial aid to those who may or may not be in need and sending money to other countries should not be the duty of our government. If our population believes in a cause, they have the right to donate to organizations or individuals as they wish or can afford. If we choose not to help we should not be forced by being overtaxed by what is essentially a fat, inefficient and bankrupt business we call government. Our government is out of control and is currently leaning heavily toward socialism. This should not be tolerated. Thousands upon thousands of Americans have willingly run headlong into battlefields of death to protect us from the very enemy that our own government seems to be evolving into. DENNIS FRANK, Pilot Hill