Lincoln boy to appear on national TV

Brian Furrer’s spirit of community earns spot on “Rachael Ray Show”
By: Stephanie Dumm Gold Country News Service
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LINCOLN — A Lincoln boy is getting the chance of a lifetime. He will be featured on a national TV show, and it’s all because of his involvement in the community. Brian Furrer, 10, will be featured on the “Rachael Ray Show” soon for organizing a canned-food drive benefitting the Salt Mine. The “Rachael Ray Show” is a daytime talk show featuring Rachael Ray, a television personality who has been featured on the Food Network and has produced several cookbooks. The second annual First Street School food drive took place in September. Brian, with his mother’s assistance, organized the food drive for the second consecutive year. According to Brian’s father, Dave Furrer, he and Brian planned to fly to New York City Saturday, and the taping was set for Tuesday. “He’s very excited to go to New York,” Dave Furrer said. “He shares our thought that it’s not a big deal, he’s just helping others.” His mother, Terri Furrer, said a producer of the show contacted her around Halloween about Brian after seeing an article about the canned food drive on the Lincoln News Messenger Web site. “She calls and starts asking question about Brian because of the article and I asked, ‘Who is this?’” Terri Furrer said Thursday. “She explained she was from the Rachael Ray Show and said she was interested in doing a story about Brian.” Terri Furrer was surprised about the show contacting her. A camera crew taped Brian Thursday in Lincoln for part of the TV segment. “I’m really excited to go on the show,” Brian said. “I’m sort of nervous, but I think it’s going to be scripted.” When he found out that the producers of “Rachael Ray” wanted him to be on the show, Brian said he was “too excited to talk.” Brian said he felt surprised when asked to be on the show because he thought helping others is something “a lot of people did.” “It feels really good because some people are in more need than I am,” Brian said. “I know that from working at the food bank.” Brian and his mom have both volunteered at the food bank the past two summers. A freelance field producer and camera crew from the Bay Area came out Nov. 12 to film Brian Furrer and his family at both the Salt Mine and at the Furrers’ home in Lincoln. The crew filmed Brian packing boxes of food for the needy, which is something he would normally do when volunteering at the Salt Mine. Eric Long, one of the Salt Mine’s two pastors, attended the taping. “I think the biggest thing is exposure,” Long said when asked what he thought of the filming at the food bank. “The more people who know what we do can help.” Long said that Brian is “an anomaly of a young man when it comes to giving of himself.” “Brian is an example of a boy who is able to give what he has to the multitude,” he said. “It’s just neat that a young man can do that.” Other volunteers at the food bank that day included Steve Frankovich. “I’ve worked with him a couple times. He’s a great example for Lincoln,” Frankovich said about Brian. “He is a great kid, and he has such an adult mind, that we adults should learn from him and think like him and help others.” At the Furrers’ home, the “Rachel Ray” crew filmed Brian and his parents doing everyday activities, making breakfast and getting Brian ready for school. “They basically told me they want him to come across as a normal child, because it’s not normal for a 10-year-old to volunteer,” Terri Furrer said. “He’s very normal, he plays outside (and) plays with the dog.” It has been a positive adventure for the family. “It’s been fun,” said Terri Furrer, when asked how it was having a film crew at her house. “I think it’s a really neat experience.”