Lincoln council needs to stop spending

Reader Input
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Things just get better and better — not! Lincoln’s City Council has spent $30,000 in redevelopment funds so a consulting firm can tell us that our downtown needs “branding” and that terra-cotta sculptures and planters would create an “image” to draw people downtown. Good grief, I could have told them that for free! When my personal bank account is empty, I stop spending. When the city of Lincoln is broke and has a huge deficit, the City Council keeps on spending. Meanwhile, the new downtown McBean Park Fire Station has been closed due to staffing shortages caused by the budget deficit. This closure comes after the citizens of Lincoln clearly responded to a survey saying that their No. 1 priority was to not have fire and police services cut. Past reckless spending by the City Council has contributed to Lincoln’s current financial mess. Police and fire services are absolutely necessary for the safety of our citizens and should not be cut. But all frivolous and needless spending of our tax dollars needs to stop. Janet Lucero, Lincoln