Line US, not foreign pockets

Reader Input
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Christmas is fast approaching and I’d like to suggest to all Americans, rather than lining the pockets of more foreign companies with your hard-earned American dollars, let’s put that money back into our local American-owned companies. Why not, instead of another tie for dad, buy him a gift certificate to his local barber or a gym membership? The same for mom, instead of another sweater or pair of earrings, why not get her a gift certificate from the local manicurist or nursery, so she can buy some lovely flowers or a beautiful tree that will give years of enjoyment. I could go on and on but my point is this: Our country is in the middle of a deep financial crisis and mom-and-pop-owned businesses are suffering. Why not put money back into our businesses and not those overseas? Let’s support our country and help keep our companies from having to lay off or close up. Remember, we have to take care our own first. And it’s easier to gift wrap, too. Lisa White, Lincoln