Lions take on ‘Project Gold Country Fairgrounds’

Tree service companies team up to help out
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The first organized fair in Auburn was held in 1889. Since then, the local fair has survived a bumpy history. The state slated it to be shut down in 1960. Citizens fought to keep it open. In 1977, the Auburn District Fair became the Gold Country Fair. Now, the bump in the road comes in the form of the loss of state funding at the start of 2012. The Auburn 49er Lions Club has come up with a plan to support the Gold Country Fair called “Project Gold Country Fairgrounds.” Phase one was recently completed with the generous donation of Fred C. Lowe of Auburn, owner of Tree Pro tree service, and his two employees, Garrett Crowl and T. J. Elliot. The large trees behind the Sierra Building were leaning over the top of the building in a threatening manner. After several hours of work, the overpowering limbs and dead branches were removed and the ivy climbing up these large trees was peeled away. Ben Wing of Bushbuster, based in Foresthill, then donated his talents to the cleanup of all the cuttings from the trees and the piles of ivy. The result is noticeable to any fairgrounds visitor. Letters will now be sent to Auburn-area service clubs with an explanation of what is happening, the 49er Lions’ plan of action and a request for help. Donations and volunteers for a cleanup and maintenance event to be held in the spring and fall will be welcomed. If you and/or your organization would like to become involved with the support of the Gold Country Fairgrounds, call 49er Lion Ray Arnold at (530) 878-3888. For information about the activities of the Auburn 49er Lions Club, email