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Reader Input
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I attended a Measure A debate at The Ridge on May 10. It?s difficult to believe that in Auburn, a city of 13,000, that the ?No on Measure A? side selected Todd Stenhouse, a 15-year political consultant who does not live in the City of Auburn, as their spokesman. He can?t even vote on Measure A, and yet he is telling long-time Auburn residents how to vote. When this outsider says that Auburn will soon become a corrupt city, it?s highly demeaning to the community-involved and in-the-know residents of Auburn. Who does he think we are? In contrast, Auburn?s top community leaders support Measure A, including eight former Auburn mayors, McCann Award winners, recently retired Auburn police chiefs and those who run our business associations and non-profit organizations. These community-spirited people don?t have to be paid by a large Sacramento lobbyist organization to do what is right for Auburn?s future. Our town?s leaders have never been satisfied with the ?If it ain?t broke, don?t fix it? cliché. They always ask ?How can we make Auburn better?? I firmly believe Measure A and more local control for Auburn will strengthen our city in dealing with a tough economy and a broken state legislature. Kathleen Harris, Auburn