Litigious ways boost med cost

Reader Input
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I know in law they say never ask a question unless you know the answer but here goes anyway. You talk about the reasonably priced and high-quality medical care received by many in other countries and wonder why we can’t receive the same here. My question to you or anyone else is: How many medical malpractice lawsuits are brought against doctors and hospitals in these other countries compared to the United States? I am not in the medical profession but I believe one of the major factors in our high medical costs is malpractice insurance and the cost of fighting these lawsuits. I myself had the misfortune of a doctor who made a mistake and caused me to have an extra surgery to correct his mistake. The first thing everyone said to me was, “Are you going to sue?” No, I did not. The doctor knew he made a mistake and all the bills were taken care of. It was an honest mistake in my opinion so why sue him? Last time I checked I couldn’t walk on water so why should I expect him to? We are all human and we make mistakes. Until people quit running to lawyers to sue over every little thing our medical costs will continue to go up. Too many people look to the courts to pad their pocketbooks when a mistake is made. Peggy Christensen, Newcastle