Little League worth support

Reader Input
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I’m disappointed in the Journal’s spotlight coverage of commercialized, for-profit traveling baseball teams, while giving very little attention to their Little League’s current Tournament of Champions games and regular season play. In today’s economy many families have neither the finances nor the time to allow for traveling several weekends out of the year for “tournament play,” making these teams unrealistic for the average family. Little League is a volunteer, non-profit organization that provides fundamental training that readies many players for high school ball. Little League managers, coaches and board members donate their time and provide scholarships to players in tight financial situations, giving local kids a healthy outlet. I find it highly offensive that teams like the California Sting speak as if they are somehow a better arena for kids seeking baseball opportunities, when in reality these traveling teams provide incomes to both the organization and the managers/coaches. I encourage all parents to recall the simpler days when baseball was fun, but still competitive, and sandlots provided our top baseball professionals their early training. Mary Ann Hinrichs, Colfax