Little monsters destroying flowers

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Since the completion of Central Square, I daily see young and old alike enjoying the square, which is wonderful. What isn’t so wonderful is the parents who allow their children to run wild in the square trampling the flowers in the flowerbeds. This afternoon I watched a child walking circles inside one of the flower beds stepping on all the plant life, while the mother sat and watched, not saying a word, just smiling at him, like what he was doing was acceptable behavior. I would love to find out where these parents live and have kids come trample through their yards. Central Square is a nice place to sit and enjoy food or yogurt or take a little break from shopping. It is not a playground. Parents, please be the responsible adults you’re supposed to be and watch your children. Don’t allow them to jump off the pedestals into the planters, run thru the flowerbeds, or hang from the trees that can’t yet support their weight. Our city spent a lot of time and money to make Central Square a beautiful area for all to enjoy. Let’s keep it that way. A. DOUGHERTY, Auburn