Loans do get modified

Reader Input
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In April 2009 I wrote my first (of many) letter(s) to my mortgage company, American Home Mortgage. What prompted this was that it had been confirmed that my employer at that time filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I shortly lost my job, along with health benefits. My husband, a general contractor, had experienced a decline in business since 2008. We found ourselves in a financial situation we truly never thought we would be in. What transpired over these last two years dealing with American Home Mortgage was literally a nightmare — extremely stressful and down- right frustrating. During this stressful two-year process we were lied to, ignored, deceived by American Home Mortgage. We filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Texas and continued to keep his office in the loop by sending copies of all our correspondence. We continued to deal directly with American Home Mortgage, corresponding with people in three states. We were advised by attorneys, Realtors and “experts” that we were wasting our time. Some offered assistance for a fee, which we declined. The blessing of this whole experience was that we were able to see how our poor financial decision to buy the home in 2004 was our mistake. We were able to evaluate how we, like so many, worked, worked, worked and spent, spent, spent. We took responsibility for the fact that we had entered into a contract and that we could not just walk away. On April 14 we received our signed loan modification documents from American Home Mortgage. We are still somewhat stunned that we were successful in acquiring it and we can afford to stay in our home. We need to thank all who came to our many garage sales and listened and to all the friends and neighbors who offered concern and support. To all homeowners who are currently pursuing a loan modification, do not give up hope because loan modifications do happen. CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista