Local control for Auburn

Reader Input
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During the past year, several state legislators have been arrested. Two were arrested for DUI. One legislator liked an expensive pair of black leather pants at Neiman Marcus so much that she ?forgot? to pay for them. These state legislators are the ones who make laws for Auburn and hand down expensive mandates that all of us pay for. I?m amazed at some of the arguments made by opponents to Measure A, the Auburn charter. They are trying to scare Auburn voters into thinking that more local control is ?risky.? What they don?t tell you is that only two of the 120 legislators represent Auburn. The other 118 legislators, whether they are from San Francisco, Los Angeles or the Central Valley, don?t care about Auburn. To me, remaining a dependent colony of the California Legislature is much more risky. As a former mayor and a business owner, I?ve seen first-hand how state mandates hamstring our great town. Measure A gives us a chance to maximize local control. As a weekly attendee at the Chamber Forum on Tuesday mornings, I appreciate that the Auburn City Council took resident input in drafting the Auburn charter. Vote yes on Measure A. Ron Lichau, former mayor of Auburn; former member, Placer County Board of Supervisors