Local medical care excellent

Reader Input
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I live in Auburn and in this past year I was diagnosed with pancreatitis. I had no insurance and no family doctor. When the pain and nausea became unbearable I made at least a dozen trips to the emergency room at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital last year. The ER staff was tremendous and I’d like everyone in the Auburn area to know that we are blessed with a small-town medical community that really cares, and does their best to do what they can regardless of a patient’s financial status. I first arrived in Placer County in 2009. I had lost my job and my home in Oregon. I applied for assistance with the county’s medical program. Despite being inundated with patients with circumstances much like mine, the staff at the clinic in DeWitt Center took good care of me, making sure that I got the medications I needed and medical attention with the right doctors. I’d like to thank all of the staff from Sutter Faith to the Placer County Adult Mental Health Department and the staff at the Placer County clinic. In times like these, it’s great to know that these folks are here, doing their jobs above and beyond the call of duty. Don MacKay, Auburn