Local meetings inspire disgust

Reader Input
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I’m often asked why I don’t attend the meetings of the Placer County Board of Supervisors or the city of Auburn. That’s really easy for me to respond to. Let me first answer by saying that the last time I attended a county supervisor meeting I left with two things of disgust. It was obvious to me that the supervisors had a pre-determined objective and my being there along with others was no more than eye wash. It was like we will listen for a few a while and then do as we had planned from the onset. Duh. At that last supervisor meeting I attended I was blown away with the rudeness displayed by one of the supes as he verbally assaulted an elderly gentleman. That was utter disgust. I’m sure that supervisor knows who I’m referring to. As for the city council meetings, well you better be prepared to spend hours into the night as they waste your time. The main or only things I really recall from the council meeting was how one senior member tried to be a form of a comedian, along with the fact that they did not follow the agenda at all. For either of these I can better spend my time doing nothing. I do realize that my doing nothing is a weak answer for any responsible citizen and that is why I at least write on occasion to “letters.” Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn