Local merchants deserve chance

Reader Input
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I read the article in today’s Journal regarding restrictions on Downtown businesses in regards to outdoor decorations with bewilderment (Journal, July 5). I do believe that the city truly wants Downtown businesses to succeed, but the way they go about it is sometimes baffling. We’ve recently seen the addition of Target, Home Depot, and Wal-mart/Costco is looming on the horizon. Give these Downtown merchants a fighting chance to survive. The recently completed Downtown Streetscape is charming and attractive, but at the same time, has hindered these small businesses for months and has also cut access and parking to these same stores. A miscolored umbrella? An easel outside of a store front? These are parts of what make small town shopping charming. The city’s energies seem to be misdirected, at best, here. Lastly, to the store owners who complained. If an easel or stroller attracts a customer to that store, that same customer may just stroll into yours. Doug Conlee, Auburn