Local Olympics stories shine

Reader Input
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It is so wonderful to see all the response regarding the Squaw Valley Olympics to our local people. It has been especially interesting to my husband who doesn’t get out anymore to read in the Auburn Journal (Feb. 22) about those involved with torch bearing and participation in the Olympics. In 1960 the Gladwin Floor Company in the Bay Area had the contract to do the flooring and skate rink at Squaw Valley. My husband built the floors for the huts as they were called for the Olympians to stay in. It was an exciting time for him to help get ready for the Squaw Valley Olympics. Today (Feb. 22) I was enlightened to read about (Auburn ski jumper and former mayor Roy) Mikkelsen. I had no idea who that street was named after. Thanks to all for sharing your Olympic experiences. Charlotte Mankin, Meadow Vista