Local Republicans welcome McClintock, despite beliefs

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Whatever they say their principles are, many local Republicans are excited about being represented by a guy whose permanent residence is in the heart of suburban Southern California. Though they have long professed belief in local control, they've recruited a professional politician from 400 miles away to replace another professional politician even though their party consistently condemns professional politicians! That condemnation apparently doesn't apply to Tom McClintock. Despite his long stint in politics, Thousand Oaks Tom is their new golden boy. While their stated beliefs suggest McClintock might consider going places he's never been before (i.e., the private sector and to most of this congressional district), they nonetheless embrace him as a true conservative, their preferred choice for Congress. Why else would they want a man to represent them in Washington who has devoted the last 19 years to serving residents of three Southern California counties? What other reason is there for accepting someone whose career has never veered from the taxpayer-paid public path? Isn't it enough to champion someone whose main legislative accomplishment, according to Sen. Sam Aanestad was ... keeping Republicans acting like Republicans? With open arms they welcome McClintock. If they can con enough district voters into doing the same, they may save us from the unthinkable: representation by a regular citizen, who has raised his family here, and will simply serve all constituents equally ” true conservatives, true liberals, and the vast majority in between. Richard Bell Grass Valley