Local roads have room for all users

Reader Input
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I wish to comment on the recent letters regarding bicyclists in the Lincoln and Loomis Basin regions. I am a frequent rider on the roads you describe. I make a strong effort to ride responsibly within the law. I stop at stop signs and for red lights. I bear to the rightmost position on the road when traffic approaches from the rear. I use a rearview mirror to help me to detect a vehicle that is approaching before I may hear it. I use hand signals when planning to turn left or right. In short, I try to do my best to share the road. If I am sometimes not over to the right as far as it appears possible, it is because there is glass or other debris on the shoulder that prevents me from safely doing so. I have no desire to challenge a 3,000- to 4,000-pound moving vehicle and will always do my best to give the car the most road that I can. Sometimes I may be enjoying the scenery a little too much and may be caught daydreaming. As the previous writer shared, please give me a polite honk of the horn and I will do my darndest to get out of the way. Those riders that do not share my attention to safe riding standards give all riders a “black eye.” I think there is room for all of us if we drive and ride responsibly. Ted Moore, Auburn