Local trainers take clients to the next level

Meet three local personal trainers who can show you how to set diet and fitness plans to reach your goals.
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Gavin Ray- Ray’s Personal Training
As a starting linebacker at Colfax High School in ’98-’99 and Sierra College in ’00-‘01, Gavin Ray, is well-acquainted with being on the front lines.
Today he applies the same level of determination and skill he had on the field, to backing up his personal training clients in the gym. Ray has taken the passion for fitness he developed in his years as an athlete in the area and channeled it toward his training business called Ray’s Personal Training.
As a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer he does customized consultations to set goals with each client. He also finds creative ways to motivate them through the process of reaching them.
“I love the atmosphere of the gym and the people,” Ray said. “I am good at keeping the atmosphere jovial. I know that if you enjoy your experience you are more likely to come back and meet your goals.”
Along with a detailed body-composition analysis and nutritional plan, Ray suggests clients put up pictures of their fitness heroes to stay on course. He trains people out of a state-of-the art gym designated only for personal trainers called S and B Elite Fitness in Roseville.
“Since it’s just designed for trainers there are a lot less people in here and it’s not as intimidating as a big gym,” Ray said. “We also have extra equipment that a typical gym usually doesn’t.”
His hope is that if clients focus on their health and fitness now their quality of life will be better in the future.
Jesse Owen-The Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club
Jesse Owen, personal trainer and fitness director at the Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club also sees his field as one of preventative medicine.
“Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result,” Owen said. “I see people every day who are gym-junkies, but are not seeing results because they haven’t met with a trainer.”
Owen had one client who at 62 years old couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs, but a year later and 100 pounds lighter, completed a 5K race with Owen alongside her.
“This was someone who thinks their life is over to completing a 5K,” Owen said. “It was very, very rewarding to see someone who is depressed become happy and full of life again.”
To those who initially feel too intimidated to step into a gym or don’t want to work through the discomfort Owen suggests they focus on how they will feel when they reach their goal. He said this could only be done by sticking to a system over time.
As for nutrition and supplements Owen said there is only one sure-fire approach that works.
“Be as natural as possible. The more natural you eat the healthier it is for your body,” Owen said “More fruits and veggies along with a clean diet.”
Rochel Howe- Total Fitness
Rochel Howe, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Total Fitness in Auburn, also takes this natural approach toward nutrition.
“People can get the nutrition they need through foods,” Howe said. “We have been doing that for thousands of years because it works.”
Howe said she works with two types of people. Those who need an appointment with their trainer to motivate them and those who just need to meet with one to learn how to do exercises correctly and to set-up a plan that they can follow. Each day in the gym, Howe sees people who are using equipment wrong and putting their bodies at risk.
“Before you come in you need someone to show you proper form,” Howe said. “I still see people come in who are using the wrong form on equipment and possibly injuring their bodies.”
Outside of her work as trainer, Howe maintains a very active lifestyle and works out four times a week on her own. This is something that her clients take notice of.
“Rochel motivates us by setting the example of being here, acknowledging that it’s hard, connecting with people and keeping us going,” said Marcy Schaffer-Egot, one of Rochel’s clients.
Whether you are looking to lose weight or just be in peak condition, all three personal trainers from the Auburn-area said that there are no short-cuts, but meeting with a personal trainer is a start in the right direction.
For more information on pricing or to set up an appointment reach Ray’s Personal Training at 916-276-4692, The Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club at 530-885-1602 and Total Fitness at 530-888-0835.
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