Locals’ generosity made it happen

Reader Input
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This is in response to Kristine Coman Nelson’s letter in Thursday’s paper. Dear Ms. Coman Nelson: I just read your scathing letter and am disappointed that you are not more appreciative of our Fourth of July celebration. I have been in this town 43 years and many of those had no Fourth of July parade and/or fireworks. It was generous assistance of the Auburn Chamber, the merchants, all service clubs, individuals and the city who in the last few years were able to put this celebration together. And a wonderful thing it is, this year we even had a live band in the parade. More and more people come and see the parade — it has grown every year. I had to park in Downtown because I could not get parking anywhere near the fairgrounds and don’t think I did not try. Have you considered the cost alone for the fireworks? It costs a fortune and perhaps next year you would like to donate toward that event. We were lucky to have the money for the fireworks that we did have and that was because of all the good people in Auburn who like to celebrate America’s birthday and help to put on the event. Perhaps you have forgotten the economic times that we are in. Many donors have lost their business, or jobs, and many stores have closed. If just the local people would shop in Auburn, the tax revenue would stay in the city and the merchants would stay in business and have more money to donate. This is why we have an organization called “Think Auburn First.” Instead of making excuses why you cannot shop in Auburn, try to inform yourself why you can shop in Auburn. Who knows, you might enjoy shopping here. Of course it is much easier to criticize and continue to shop down the hill than to check out Auburn and what it has to offer. Firsthand knowledge is much better than hearsay. God bless all the people involved who made this again a great Fourth of July! Have a good day. MARGARETA SWANN, Auburn