Locals ask Sheriff to investigate President

Sheriff Bonner asked to investigate claims of fake documents
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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A group of local residents say they have reason to believe the social security card and birth certificate of President Barack Obama are forgeries. They met with Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner on May 2 to ask him to conduct an independent investigation into the issue, much like the one Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona released in March. They say if proved, the alleged forgery of the documents would mean the president was not born in Hawaii as his birth records indicate and therefore isn?t eligible to be president. Other Auburn-area residents from across the political spectrum say the issue of President Obama?s birthplace has already been vetted and is not an issue. One local representative believes race may be a factor. The Journal contacted the White House, but has no response to print from them. Greg Walsh, of Colfax, said he asked Sheriff Bonner to look into the matter and offered him a group of volunteers who would assist in the investigation at no cost to taxpayers. He said after watching videos about Sheriff Arpiao?s investigation he has strong reason to believe the president?s birth documents are not legitimate. Walsh alleges that there are issues with the layering of the birth certificate. ?I am wondering why there is no further action taken on this discussion to validate the fact that maybe these are forged documents,? Walsh said. ?If they are, I am looking for justice on this thing.? Steve Wright, a Granite Bay resident and retired Sacramento County detective, said several circumstances related to President Obama?s birth documents indicate a conspiracy and people are afraid to make those public. He said one example was Donald Trump?s announcement that he would investigate the issue and his subsequent decision not to. ?I think that people are fearful to bring out the truth because there has been intimidation,? Wright said. ?I hope it would be resolved before November.? Del Rapini, a Colfax resident, said he is more interested in Sheriff Bonner keeping an eye on the progress of a case filed in Sacramento County earlier this year. In that case seven registered voters asked California Secretary of State Debra Bowen to bar ballot access of ineligible declared candidates for the 2012 election and stop fundraising, specifically as it relates to President Obama. Rapini said he isn?t sure the documents are false, but believes there are enough questions to warrant an investigation by the attorney general. ?I would really like to know, is this guy a citizen or isn?t he a citizen?? Rapini said. ?I think the attorney general now should be the one to handle that. That is all we are asking. Are they phonies? I don?t know. I am not an expert at that.? Rapini said while he is active with the Tea Party, he is acting as a private citizen in this matter. Over the past several years Rapini said there hasn?t been enough information about the president released to the public. ?Everything has been hidden from day one when we started. We don?t know anything about Barack Obama. Have his Harvard grades ever been shown?? Rapini said. ?I think it?s time we do get some questions answered.? Dena Erwin, spokesperson for the Placer County Sheriff?s Office, said Sheriff Bonner did meet with the group and listened to their request and has no comments on the topic beyond that. Paul Berger, president of the Auburn-area Democratic Club, said the group is focusing on a frivolous issue. He said he also believes that many people are racist and can?t accept that the United States has a black president. ?These people are whackos,? Berger said. ?If they don?t like Barack Obama there is something called an election in November.? Berger said President Obama?s long form birth certificate has been released and several similar cases were dismissed in federal court. He said despite the scientific proof, there are some people that will never choose to accept that President Obama was born in the United States. Wright said the issue has absolutely nothing to do with racism and people bring that up to cloud the issue. Dr. Bill Kirby, Auburn City Councilmember, said there are more important issues for people opposed to the president to focus on than where he was born. He agrees that the issue has already been vetted. ?What an absolutely absurd situation. His mother is an American citizen period. That makes him an American citizen,? Kirby said. They want to talk about real issues, talk about real issues. This is an absolute waste of time.? Reach Sara Seyydin at, or follow her on Twitter @AJ_News.