Lock up those pit bulls, or the owner

Reader Input
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I opened up my computer to pit bull facts and found information from the Humane Society and other organizations about pit bulls. Everyone should turn to this page. It reveals what I have known for at least five years when I was attacked by two little puppy pit bulls. I couldn’t shake them off. They didn’t bite me, but they continued after me until my husband came on the scene. They then attacked him ferociously. I ran to their owner’s house, knocked, screamed and hollered until someone answered. Their mistress gave a whistle and they instantly obeyed. But not until my husband was severely bitten and we had to take him to emergency. The Placer County Sheriff didn’t waste any time. They were quarantined for 14 days and destroyed. The young man, 19 years, was very sad. Not because of what happened but because he had paid $300 for them and was raising them for dog fights. Did I not read that the owner of these dogs (in Downtown Auburn) said that they were his life? What does that mean? Could he be raising them to fight? Yes, he could. For the safety of that neighborhood, and an example to all owners of pit bulls, they must keep those bulls locked up permanently or lock up their owners. Clariss Smith, Auburn