Lone Star Road needs stoplight

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Highway 49 between Auburn and Grass Valley is a dangerous stretch of road. It is dangerous because people drive too fast and there are a lot of blind turns. Turning on to highway 49 from Lone Star Road is especially dangerous because of the high speeds and the inability to see traffic coming because of dead man’s curve.
Just recently there was an accident where a car pulled out not leaving enough room and causing a pickup truck to hit the brakes and swerve into oncoming traffic to miss hitting the car.
The driver of the pickup, who swerved into oncoming traffic, hit another car that was in the left-turn pocket. Both drivers went to the hospital. One driver was left in critical condition.
I think there should be a stop- light at Lone Star and Highway 49. Because of the blind curve, I think a flashing light should be installed to warn oncoming traffic that traffic is stopping.
By putting in a stoplight on Lone Star Road, there would be a lot less accidents and there would be less people getting hurt. It would make it a lot easier to pull out onto the highway and take out the guessing of when it is safe to pull out into traffic.
IAN CRONE, student, Auburn