Look beyond court's decision

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When I heard on June 28 that the Supreme Court had voted to uphold most of the Obama Health?Care Act, I was severely upset and angry. Especially disappointing was the fact that Chief Justice John?Roberts was the fifth and deciding vote. However, it slowly began to become apparent that Justice Roberts could not be so ignorant to actually believe this health care reform bill is best for America. Here is my theory on what happened: Justice Roberts, like most intelligent Americans who are paying attention, believes a second term for Obama would be a disaster. Since the polls are very close right now, he came to the conclusion that finding the health care bill unconstitutional would serve to outrage Obama supporters and Democrats, so they would work even harder to ensure his re-election. Conversely, by finding a way to let it stand, while also mandating that the fee for not buying health insurance is a tax, he has given Republicans, the Tea?Party and independent voters another very important reason to defeat Obama in November. By electing Mitt Romney the next president of the United States, we can feel proud that the people voted to defeat this terrible health care overhaul bill, not the Supreme Court. History will show how brilliant Justice Roberts really was. David Imgrund, Auburn