Look beyond smokescreens

Reader Input
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Mike Michaelsen thinks our president is “out of step” with the majority of Americans (Reader Input, Aug. 16). But we all need to look beyond the smokescreens spewed daily by Fox “News” and tea party Republican candidates running for office. Mike’s list included healthcare. I wonder if he could tell me just what the law grants, now and in 2014. I had a conversation with someone at the Gold Country Fair who swore the law dictated what drugs would be allowed to treat glaucoma. Oh, I am so sorry so much misinformation has been disseminated. This law’s intent was to put healthcare decisions back into the hands of the doctor and out of the hands of the insurance company. Mike also lists deficits. Obama does want to let the Bush tax cuts expire for those earning $250,000 per year which will measurably reduce the deficit. Arizona border: He wants immigration reform and sent federal troops to reduce border crimes. Stimulus: Do you really believe we would not be in the midst of a deep depression now if it weren’t for the stimulus and bank bailouts? Would you bet your life on it? I sure wouldn’t. I know … the necessary bailouts made my blood boil, too. But remember that the American car makers were “saved” by Obama. Captured terrorists trials: I agree with you; they should come to trial! Mosque near ground zero: It’s really a community center, not a mosque and its presence would help our military gain the hearts and minds of the Iraqi/Afghan people. We must stop Taliban recruitment. Patricia Grenfell, Auburn